Mage Guard is a gesture based spell casting game, the gameplay is like a wave shooter but instead using spells to destroy the oncoming waves of enemies. The idea is that you are trying to protect a previous relic called ‘The Grimoire’. The setting and design is beautiful, although the game is still in early-access and more content is promised, I found the gameplay in the current three levels available lacking. The gameplay simply involves defending yourself against enemies using spells, and the design is rather repetitive. To improve the game I would suggest adding much more to the gameplay such as more classes, more spells, some strategy or skill requirement to the gameplay such as a variety of enemies with different spells required to defeat them, a competitive aspect such as a leader-board, and maybe even the ability to play a co-op or multiplayer mode. The game also fails to take advantage of Virtual Reality, as you cannot move around your environment and simply remain in the same spot during battle. Currently I cannot recommend this title, as even an early-access game, the current content available leaves much to be desired. The game is extremely overpriced for what it currently offers.


VR Slugger is a Virtual Reality baseball game. The gameplay involves playing against a robot pitcher, who throws a mean ball. There are three different game modes, in which you can aim for different targets and even knock the ball out of the park, in order to gain as many points as possible. The game also has a competitive aspect via a global leader-board. The physics make the game feel very realistic, which alongside the animation and music, makes the game very fun to play. The only improvement I would suggest would be to add a multiplayer mode for more replayablity, but otherwise this is a really fun mini baseball game for Virtual Reality


Bloody Zombies is a zombie themed brawler game, set in London, with a unique art style and gameplay. The game can be played with any combination of VR and monitor/TV players, with all players using a gamepad. The backstory is that the game is set in London which is overrun with hordes of mutated zombies, a zombie plague, and four lone survivors are left working together to save the city. The art design is striking and complements the game, as does the voice acting and music. Play as any of the four characters, zombies; Teller, Mick ‘The Brick’, Rei, or Eddie, with the option to customise your character, and work together to fight the zombies. The gameplay involves using unique combinations of freeform combat, a range of weapons, secrets to discover, and there are a range of different moves and tactics to choose from. and encounter as you progress through the game. The game can be played in single player mode, but also locally and online in a co-op mode with up to four players, whilst also competing for the highest score. In third person VR mode, the game is great, but personally I will probably play it simply using monitor mode in the future, as although it is visually pleasing in VR, I don’t feel that VR necessarily enhances the gameplay which for me is the most important aspect of any game. Overall though, a high quality game zombie game, both in terms of art style and gameplay, that is enjoyable to play.


Operation Warcade VR is a dynamic and fun FPS game, designed specifically for virtual reality. The gameplay involves jumping into a video game inside a virtual arcade, engaging in combat with enemy soldiers in a classic war arcade style game, using weapons such as guns or grenades, with the potential to unlock further environments by completing numerous missions and levels. There are two possible modes; classic mode in which you can pass 6 levels and the final boss, or a mode in which you can complete 108 missions, 36 levels and unlock upgrades. The game is incredibly immersive, and there are even some other unique features that you can experience, such as shooting the enemy from inside of a tank or helicopter, and playing from different perspectives during combat. Leader-boards are present, which is great as this adds a competitive aspect to the game. You can also play this game in 2D/3D on your PC if you wish to. The only thing I would have liked that is not present, is more realistic people in the arcade. Overall, it’s like having a classic arcade style war game at your disposal but without having to spend coins on retries, tons of fun and perfectly priced.


Karnage Chronicles is an episodic action fantasy RPG game. Choose to be a warrior or an archer, as you embark on your journey through three different play areas encountering different fantasy enemies and bosses hacking and slashing your way through the game. The gameplay is well considered, as there are different difficulty levels to choose from, and you are equipped with a journal which you can use to track you stats, such as health, gold, weapons and consumables as you progress through the environment. You gain gold from killing enemies, which you can then use to purchase more advanced weapon upgrades in the shop. There are several movement options including free locomotion, teleportation, and a combination of both. The game also supports old-school HMD-tracked locomotion.
The graphics are incredible, the surroundings detailed, and the sound effects are excellent, enhancing and making the gameplay immersive and extremely fun. The only criticism I have would be the price point which at this stage is slightly too high for the content currently available, but the game is also in early-access and the developers plans include the development of more play areas in the future.


The Wizards is an adventure spell-caster game game. In the game you learn magic spells which act as weapons, and which you can then use to fight a variety of goblins. Initially you start with two magic spells/weapons, a fireball and a bow and arrow. The game has different levels which you unlock upon completion of each, and based on your points, you have the potential to learn new spells throughout the game. Upon completion of level one you are gifted a spell book in which you can keep track of your spells/spell potential, and you also have the option to return to the arena area at any point to practise each spell if you wish to. Different goblins take different damage from different weapons, and there is a voiceover which acts as your guide as you travel through the game and also reveals details of what so far seems to be an interesting backstory for the game. The artwork of the game is also beautiful, the environments are detailed, the music and sound effects are great, and you can even explore your Wizard home/room. I particularly enjoy, using the fireball in combat, and the voice acting which is great. The only criticisms I have about the game, are the initial tutorial, which could have been more specific in regards to how to use the controls, by highlighting the grip button or using text to show that this is the button you should use to obtain your arrow from your back, (as although there is no standard in regards to controls the trigger is typically used for archery in other VR games), so this would be helpful to know immediately to improve the player experience. I also think that it should either improve the teleportation system, or simply highlight in the tutorial that the teleportation works best when pressing the top or bottom of the trackpad as opposed to the centre. Once I played with the controls, the teleportation for example was very smooth, but an immediate indication of this would have been helpful, or I would suggest improving the teleportation so that using the middle of the trackpad works. I assume that because the bow and arrow is designed to be that of a wizards’, this is why it requires a certain movement to summon and then disappears after a few seconds of use, but as the game progressed I found this to be a little tedious, so would suggest changing this mechanic. The other suggestion would be to add difficulty levels. The game is also in early-access though and so considering that the controls are smooth once you figure them out, these are very minor criticisms at such an early stage in development. I am also hoping that the game will live up to it’s price point with the addition of more content since it is in early-access. The game is overall very enjoyable to play, especially for anyone who loves magic like myself, or has always wished to be a wizard.


This is a Virtual Reality Horror Experience. It was designed specifically as an experience and as such my review is based on that information. Each experience of this game will be different in terms of settings and the sequence or occurrence of events, because the experience is designed to change each time the game is loaded. This means that there are a variety of possible environments that you may potentially experience, or you could simply experience one setting depending on how long or how many times you play the game. It also means that some experiences may include more frequent jump scares whilst other experiences may be of a slower pace. You are stationary throughout the experience, and do not have the ability to explore the environments, but this works surprisingly well for this experience due to it’s intended purpose. You can shift your viewpoint without having to turn around, but this is all in terms of movement. The environments that I saw (within my experience) are detailed, extra details include that different objects spawn in your hands within each setting, the sound effects are good, the jump scares are effective most of the time, at certain points a bit repetitive but bare in mind that each experience is different. I think that the experience could do with some improvements, these include a guarantee of frequent jump scares in every experience loaded, so that there isn’t extended periods of just standing around, a more vast range of characters providing the jump scares. Although I like the idea that each experience is different as this means that there potential replayablity value for yourself or as a horror experience to show to friends, it is overpriced for what it offers. Overall, I enjoyed this and recommend it, but on the basis that it is an experience not a game, so do not expect any gameplay, and I also only recommend it in the sale as unfortunately I think that it is overpriced for what it offers.


Live out your dream of becoming a gladiator, wield weapons and prepare for fun, limbs and gore! GORN is the ultimate physics based VR brawler. This is a gladiator simulation game. In the game you fight in a gladiator arena against a humourous looking warrior known simply as GORN. Fight one GORN, multiple, unlock weapons, more arenas, face more brutal versions of GORN, play in an endless mode, and most importantly entertain the audience by causing as much bloodshed and ripping off as many limbs as possible. The animation and artwork is unique and dynamic, the sound effects and physics are amazing, and the game is extremely enjoyable and fun to play. If your a fan of action in any form you don’t want to miss out on what has become a VR classic.