Mindshow is an animation app. In Mindshow you can make 3D animated shorts or shows, using a range of sets and characters which are provided for you, and then share them online (immediately from within the app if you wish to). The characters and sets are well designed, and there are also some props available. The app is simple to use, with a quick tutorial teaching you how to use Mindshow and all of it’s features. The app makes it easy for users to start creating by providing some ’starter shows’. Mindshow is in early-access, and is constantly improving with the introduction of new characters, sets, props, and a Mindshow team which is very responsive to users. There is even a Mindshow YouTube channel where the Mindshow team shares community content and hosts competitions for users. Overall, Mindshow is an extremely enjoyable, fun to use, user friendly, and unique VR animation platform. Oh and it’s also FREE!


Blocks is a new and FREE creativity app by Google VR and it is available for both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. Blocks lets you easily create 3D objects in virtual reality. The app is simple to use, allowing you to easily create with six different tools. The controls are so simple and easy to use that anyone can just jump in and create in a matter of minutes. The app also offers a simple and quick tutorial so that the user is immediately familiar with the six tools available. If you wish to you can save or publish your creations. The app is ideal as an introduction to creating in Virtual environments, for those looking to just be casually creative in Virtual Reality, for fun, and for younger users. Alternatively it is also ideal for someone looking for a starter app before using deeper creativity apps such as Google Tilt Brush, or for someone with limited time to create. Unleash your imagination and creativity in the Virtual world.