Experience a short simulation of an earthquake and a house fire in Virtual Reality. I like the concept of this experience, as it was made to educate us on a serious topic by teaching us survival techniques to improve our safety in the event of such occurrences. I think VR has great educational potential, and this for example is an important topic with potential to improve the safety of those to whom it is accessible – with this growing hopefully in the future too with the growth and further adoption of VR. As such, my focus for this review is not so much on the design, which is a bit dated, as it does suffice for the purpose of an educational experience, the music is appropriate and the teleportation controls work smoothly. However, although educational to a degree, with lots of potential, I think that some improvements need to be made to the experience, to make it worth purchasing even at this low cost. These include, further explanation of why we need the items in the emergency kit, as without any explanation, this does not encourage people to prepare a kit that could potentially improve safety and be very useful. Although cheap, the experience is not free, and therefore should be more educational with more information included such as this to make it worth the purchase. Another suggestion would be that the experience could give the user more time to explore the house, with the ability to go upstairs perhaps, then making the occurrence of the earthquake and fire randomised so that you could be in any part of the house when disaster strikes, to make the experience more realistic and therefore more educational for the user. Recommending this, solely based on the fact that it’s purchase could potentially improve someone’s safety if it makes them think about their preparedness for such an occurrence or if it results in them making an emergency preparedness kit, but otherwise I think it should be either free or developed further.