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Unbreakable VR Runner

Unbreakable VR Runner is a fast and fun game.

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The gameplay involves having to catch as many coins or candies as possible, whilst avoiding and dodging obstacles. If you reach the end of a round you will receive a score in points, but if your head hits any of the obstacles the round ends and you lose. There different environments, a classic environment in which you are trying to collect coins, a Halloween themed mode in which you go through a haunted house trying to collect the candies, and a running track environment in which you press the trigger buttons repeatedly to run as fast a possible this time again catching the coins, always moving and dodging in all the environments. There are also different difficulty modes available (easy, medium and hard). The game is good for some casual fun, but also will get your heart racing, and is surprisingly challenging as you try to make it to the end without losing, so definitely has some replay value too making it perfectly priced. The design of the game is simple but very cute and quirky, I particularly liked the Halloween themed environment as little details change slightly every time you enter the house. The music is also well chosen and works well for each of the environments. The game really takes advantage of room-scale VR and would be ideal for a big play space. Overall, a fun, surprisingly challenging and enjoyable game to play (provided that you have the space).