Good lord it’s our first camandseb video for over a year! It’s great to be in a place where @ReadySebbyGo and I can set aside time for the channel. This is thanks in no small part to @JadeKVR who is helping to produce the show. Say hi and thanks to Jade!

WINDLANDS 2!! Co-Op spidey-esque adventure w/ Reality Check VR (Pre-release Gameplay)

New, original hyper-reality experiences are coming from #TheVOID and @ILMxLAB! Step into @WreckItRalph and Vanellope's world this fall in #RalphBreaksVR, and get ready for an adventure with @MarvelStudios coming in 2019. Read more:

#Windlands2 @PsytecGames Co-Op spidey-esque adventure w/ Caleb aka Thor aka @RealityCheckVR ! 🍃 Full video at:

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