Shooty Fruity VR *Coming December 19th 2017*

Shooty Fruity is a VR job simulation shooter game. The gameplay involves multi-tasking; your role is as the supermarket clerk scanning items to unlock weapons, to shoot oncoming fruit attacks, then repeat! The game ends when all the lights on your till have been damaged by the fruit. Encounter different types of fruit and weapons as you progress in the game, with the difficulty increasing. Gameplay is short in terms of time, and a good score can be acquired around the four minute mark. Survive until the four minutes and you will witness the fruit crying! The animation and music complement the game, and the controls work perfectly. The game is original, fast paced and fun. The only improvement I can suggest would be to add a global scoreboard. At the time of this review I am not aware of the price-point, but I enjoyed playing this game and recommend it. *Coming late 2017*