Legendary Hunter VR is a Virtual Reality duck hunting game inspired by the old 1984 classic NES game Duck Hunt. The gameplay therefore reflects this as a casual survival duck shooter. You encounter the expected ducks and also rabbits which you are supposed to shoot in order to gain points, alongside trying to survive crows, crocs and wolves. The design is not retro though, as this is supposed to be a modernised version of the classic duck hunt game. As such you can enjoy pretty surroundings and also dynamic weather effects and atmospheric surround sound. Unfortunately though I think that the game is overpriced for what it currently offers. There are no options for movement which limits the game as you remain in the same position throughout the game whilst shooting the ducks. Additionally, the controls can be a little awkward in regards to reloading your gun, which is a little frustrating at times as your success in the game depends solely on your ability to do this especially since you have a short time limit to adhere to. Although the idea is to evoke the 1984 classic and it can be fun, the gameplay can get quite repetitive so there is little replay value, making the game overpriced for what it currently offers. This is especially problematic when you can opt for other VR duck hunting games which evoke the classic 1984 game for a fraction of the price. If the game wants to achieve more than the Duck Hunt evoking alternatives already on the market and be worth the purchase in the future (as currently it is still in early-access), I think that it needs to offer more gameplay and replay value, improvements could include adding movement options, better reloading controls, more challenges (potentially by adding difficulty levels or perhaps by having animals such as the wolves spawn slightly earlier), alongside leader-boards, and maybe even unique such as ducks worth different points or a variety of duck hunting weapons. – However, I recommend this to those who enjoy a casual fun shooter once the price point is lowered (£11.99 currently), as the dev contacted me post this review to inform me that he already has plans to do this. (The game also has further potential if it makes improvements such as those listed as it is still in early-access.)


Keep Defending is a first-person VR tower defense archery game where you have to kill the enemies before they reach your gate. You also have the ability to purchase defences during battle, with the gold that you can earn with each enemy you defeat. There are a range of different defences available to purchase, varying in cost based on their in game value, including archers, wizards, knights, cannons, and more, each with different abilities, which you can employ based on your strategy. The game also offers a competitive aspect with Steam leader-boards so that you can compare your score against other players. The gameplay and mechanics are excellent, as is the music and animation making the game immersive and fun. There are ten levels, and also different difficulty levels that you can choose to play the levels at. Each level is set in a different environment and you encounter a range of enemies along the way. It is also great value for money, as it can be quite addictive as the competitive aspect gives the game a lot of replay value. The only improvement I could suggest is perhaps the option to play multiplayer. One of the best VR tower defense games I have yet to play.


This is a VR FPS game built for Virtual Reality. You embark on missions, where the aim is to kill robots whilst avoiding their oncoming bullets, avoiding bullets by dodging, ducking and even climbing. There are different control options including arm swinging or trackpad swipe movement. The game is well designed and along the way you meet more robots that look like friendly scientists, whom you can apparently shoot for extra points, despite the fact that they are friendly towards the player. The difficulty increases throughout the game, with the number of enemies increasing and the introduction of different robot types such as spiders and drones. You progress is automatically saved at checkpoints along the way, and there are also leader-boards which adds a competitive element to the game. This is a good FPS, but I think that improvements still need to be made for it to meet the standards of other similar FPS games that are available. This is understandable though as the game is still in early access. The improvements that I would suggest would be to add some music, improve the sound effects, to maybe offer a different movement option as although I found that the trackpad motion works well, it is still not my preferred method of motion as it can slow down the ability to reload your guns at times. The controls can also be a little tricky at times, for example when using the two handed gun and in the initial tutorial whereby you are required to climb. An initial backstory might also be nice to give the player a more solid understanding and motivation to complete their objective. Some interaction with the friendly scientist characters would also be cool. It could also add a co-op option and different difficulty levels to give the game more variety and replay value. The price point may be slightly high at this stage considering the improvements needed in the game.



Raw Data is an action game that was built from the ground up for VR. The gameplay is epic, with several different weapons to choose from, for use in immersive and strategic missions, and even the option to play both singleplayer, multiplayer and even co-op. You can also play as one of three characters. It is strategic, giving it a lot more depth than a typical VR wave shooter, with the ability to level up and upgrade weapons and unlock special abilities. There are not only FPS gameplay options but also the option of using a katana and fist fighting for variety. The graphics and detailed visual design are amazing, as are the atmospheric sound effects and the voice acting. It is also story rich giving the gameplay more depth and style. There is already an abundance of content and a lot of replay value. Overall a fantastic game so far, and it is in early-access so we can expect even more content! Overall rating = 10/10


Kill dinos. Grab loot drops. Get out ALIVE. Island 359 is a fast paced survival shooter game. The gameplay involves hunting dinosaurs, using weapons such as a bow and arrow, knives, guns, whilst also upgrading weapons, picking up loot drops with useful items and more weapons, and most importantly trying to survive the dinosaurs. The chosen movement system includes trackpad and teleportation movement, and you can ‘sprint’. The game could do with some improvements such as the design of the dinosaurs to make them more realistic, the bow and arrow can be a little tricky to use in comparison to other archery mechanics I have experienced, and I would also like to see some story or information added to the game to give the missions more purpose. However, the design of the game is cool, the sound effects are excellent, I like the concept of the game, it definitely gets your heart racing, and there are some very tense and immersive moments whilst encountering some of the dinosaurs up close that give you a feeling of danger. The game also has two different modes, arcade mode which plays like a wave shooter, and a mercenary mode with three missions that take place within three different environments/maps. There is also a competitive aspect as there are global leader-boards. As such, I recommend this game to any dinosaur fan looking to play a dinosaur FPS in VR, the mercenary mode in particular as this is what makes the game worth purchasing. I have also seen improvements to this game such as the addition of new dinosaurs (as this game is in early-access), we can expect more updates in the future, and as a dinosaur fan this has been a cool experience so far. The game may be a tad overpriced considering the current replayablity value, but I think it has a lot of potential, and I am happy that I purchased it as it.


Superhot VR is the popular first person shooter where time moves only when you move, but this time in the virtual world. An engaging and fun to play FPS, the gameplay makes you feel like you are in the matrix, using your mind and body to dodge bullets, in a visually surreal environment. The gameplay is all about your movement and that of the oncoming bullets, outnumbered by the enemy, in a series of scenarios, using different weapons to shoot, slice and move your body towards survival. It’s a unique FPS design that’s extremely fun and addictive. Having played both the VR and non-VR versions of the game, I recommend getting Superhot VR if you enjoy the original, as the gameplay is the same, but the experience is completely different in VR, and I equally enjoy playing both versions of the game. The VR controls are perfect and super smooth, leaving you with that that matrix feel. The challenge of the gameplay gives it lots of replayablity.

DARKNET (non-VR version also included)

Darknet is a strategy/puzzle game in which you play as an elite hacker in the internet. Your mission is to plug into cyberspace, and hack nodes to retrieve data, using viruses, worms, and exploits. There is an initial tutorial hack and as you progress in the game you have to steal the data before your signal gets traced and this is reflected in hacks with a time limit. There are therefore different difficulty levels, with hacking getting progressively difficult throughout the game. The game also offers you the option to save and continue a hack later. The design is simple but is perfect for this game giving you the immersed feeling of being inside the net, the game has a lot of depth and therefore appeals to those who enjoy puzzles or strategic gameplay. This is one of the best strategy games I have encountered in VR so far. The game also includes both VR and non-VR versions in the one purchase.